HENRY COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Headland football has not seen a winning season since 2018.
But with a semi-new coach with the headset, this team is hungry!

“We have something we call E.A.T, “Effort, Attitude and Toughness” 100% effort. The guys know what I require, we are going to be mentally tough to overcome adversity” stated head coach Reggie Melton.

This team is heavy in upperclassmen with eight men returning on offense and seven on the dark side of the ball.

Melton would say, “Last year we had three seniors so we are returning a lot! We were playing a lot of tenth graders last year, I think going into this year we aren’t going to be starting a tenth grader on either side of the ball. These guys here they’ve been through a lot of adversity but the main thing is that they keep showing up and that tells me that they want to get better.”

If you want to talk about a tough team, this year’s seniors are 7-22 all time. But coach Melton sees those numbers differently than most do. Melton said these kids have lacked consistency for the last four to five years.

Reggie Melton was originally hired last season as a co-defensive coordinator, by week two, he was the offensive coordinator. By week six, he was named the interim head coach.

Consistency is one word to use but an anchor is another. Coach Melton has been that anchor sticking by their side through a covid and 2-8 season.

So what’s the vision for this season in his first year as head coach? Reggie would later state. “We going to run the football and not turn the ball over defensively. And we are going to play fundamentally sound defense. Our goal this year is to be successful and make the playoffs, and try to get headland back on a roll. If you look at our sports in basketball and baseball we’re very competitive; so we’re trying to be competitive in football here and get this thing back a rolling.”