Ariton Purple Cats Football season preview 2022

DALE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — With only 10 seniors returning for the 2A Region 2 ball club. Seventh-year Ariton head football coach Steve Kilcrease says that this is the smallest number of players he’s ever had. 

“We’ve got 10 seniors. The difference is, all 10 of those guys contribute in a big way. You know, we’ve got some guys that have been starting for three years now, some two.” stated Kilcrease.

Having a heavy sophomore and junior class has illustrated a positive season and future for the Purple Cats as they sit 4th in the 2A ASWA preseason polls. 

“I wish we weren’t up there. I’d be honest and our kids haven’t talked about it either. I haven’t heard one thing out of our kids the last couple of days. You know, it does bring a little excitement and I guess the expectations are high.”

The Purple Cats take on Dale County on Aug. 19 for the home opener and it’s an early season test.

“It’s hard to tell you don’t know from what other teams have and what they’ve got returned, and we’ve got a couple of schools coming in. Our region that we didn’t have last year we got a couple of other ones that we’re playing out of the region that we haven’t played, so there’s a lot of unknowns. I think our main thing for having so many guys returning and so far it’s been good. If our guys can buy into team before me, you know, they all want touches and we want to get him touches, but it’s got to be team first.”