ASHFORD, Ala. (WDHN) — One of the best feelings on the basketball court is watching a 3-point shot go into the basket, but what about adding a Homecoming King title to the mix.

Drew Hicks, who has down syndrome, is a junior shooting guard at Ashford High School and on Friday he was named Homecoming King in front of his family and friends.

Video of Drew Hicks being named Homecoming King.

Hicks in Friday’s game against Emmanuel Christian missed one 3-point attempt, but don’t worry he got another opportunity and made it count.

Drew Hicks 3-point bucket

The bank was open and he helped lead the 12-8 Yellowjackets to a 101 to 42 win over Emmanuel Christian when the basket fell fans of both sides cheered on the young man and his teammates made sure to show him some love.