ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — The Wiregrass has seen its fair share of talented athletes come through who go on to advance their athletic careers.

Now, one Wiregrass rising sophomore is getting attention from Division I college football programs from all over the country. Before he can play at the next level, he still has three more years of high school football to play for the Elba Tigers.

Elba’s Alvin Henderson is the most sought-after running back in the class of 2025.

The rising sophomore already has 51 offers, the most of any recruit in his class, according to Henderson.

“It all just seems like a dream,” Henderson said. “Coming from a small place like Elba, I never would have thought of me getting these big-time offers or blowing up like this.”

All of the offers are from Division I programs. 30 are from schools in Power Five conferences.

The most recent coming from the University of Alabama on Monday.

“I really don’t try to think about it,” Henderson said. “I’m just trying to stay on my grind and get better and be the best I can be.”

The stats speak for themselves. During his freshman year, Henderson racked up 1,115 rushing yards on 112 carries and found the end zone 24 times.

Still, when the offers started rolling in for the then-freshman, it was a bit of a surprise.

“Just listening to my coaches helped because last year, nobody was really talking to me, so they were just like if you focus, don’t worry about recruiting, then it’s all going to come,” Henderson said. “Then, in the first round of the playoffs, it came out of nowhere. I got like five offers in one day.”

“We knew he was a great player,” Elba head coach Marc Sieving said. “I think some of the things that the college coaches say about Alvin is obviously his speed and his ability to hit the hole hard and he’s an aggressive runner.”

While looking ahead to college is exciting, Henderson still has three years of high school ball to play for the Tigers.

“To us, he’s just another player and I think that’s the way that he wants to be portrayed,” Sieving said. “He’s not asking for anything. He wants to get out here and work with his teammates so that’s refreshing to know that.”

So how does Henderson set himself apart?

“I focus on school and focus on being a better player,” Henderson said. “I come over here and work out. I work out by myself. You’ve got to get that alone time because my coach is always telling me you get out of it what you put into it.”

Henderson’s talent and work ethic speak for themselves, but he knows he wouldn’t be where he is today without the rest of the Elba Tigers.

“This is a team sport,” Sieving said. “It takes 11 guys and Alvin knows he couldn’t do it by himself. Our team is happy for him and the boys are excited.”

Henderson and the Tigers open the season at New Brockton on Aug. 19th.