COFFEE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Bubba Frichter has been the Sports Information Director and head baseball coach for Enterprise State Community College since 2016.  

“You know, college athletics is all about recruiting, and you’ve got to have where we are nowadays; you’ve got to have nice facilities,” Frichter stated. “You know to be able to do that, to be able to recruit higher caliber players because the facilities are only going to better our program moving forward.”

In six years, Frichter has developed 28 players that have moved on to play at four-year clubs.  But there still is work to be done. That’s why $1.25 million has been put to renovate both diamonds. 

With brand new back-seated bleachers and a professional press box behind the plate, the fans can enjoy the premier talent.  

Frichter states, “People don’t realize exactly how much work people you know coaches put in, especially college coaches. And you talk about recruiting when you talk about field maintenance. It’s a nonstop process, you know, and that’s a lot of what that is, just having pride in it.”  

Overall the outlook for next season looks promising! For pride is the stride to excellence. And that is what Bubba Frichter and Enterprise state are all about!