ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — With the dawn of a new high school football season, the Enterprise Wildcats are poised for their second year under the mentorship of Head Coach Ben Blackmon. After an auspicious debut season that saw the team clinch an 8-4 record and secure a commendable third place in the 7A Region 2, the Wildcats are resolute in their pursuit of building upon their accomplishments, even in the face of a setback with a second-round playoff loss.

Coach Blackmon underlined the team’s expectations, asserting, “Our standard is to always do our best. Whether on the football field, in the classroom, or in the community, we strive to be our best. Our goal remains unchanged – to deliver the highest quality of high school football in the state of Alabama. If we achieve that, success will follow.”

Foreseeing the defense as the bedrock of the team, the Wildcats anticipate a significant advantage with the return of nine starters on this side of the field. The defensive core will be anchored by the formidable presence of Fred Vili on the frontlines. Complementing this is the prowess of linebackers JT Hooten and Marzavious Reed, fortified by a secondary featuring four returning starters.

While the offense may feature a more youthful lineup this year, it’s by no means deficient in potency. The tandem of running backs, Amare Griffin and Keion Dunlap, are anticipated to wield substantial influence from the backfield. Junior Warren Axton is slated to take on the mantle of first-year starting quarterback. He will be fortified by the dependable senior receiver Dylan Baldwin and tight end Jace Himes, both capable of delivering pivotal plays when the situation demands.

Keion Dunlap, reflecting on the team’s unity, stated, “We all trust in each other; we’re all family. We know what we can do, and we believe in each other. As long as we maintain that mindset, we can keep the momentum going.”

Jace Himes emphasized the team’s tenacity, saying, “We’re all very tough. We might not be the biggest, fastest, or strongest, but our team is filled with resilient individuals. We’ll give our all every play, with relentless effort.”

The Wildcats are set to kick off their season hosting Eufaula on Friday, August 25th.