ENTERPRISE (WDHN) — The Enterprise High School wrestling team is preparing for its first trip to the state duals tournament.

For the Wildcats, while it feels good to have made it this far they’re working to take that next step.

The Wildcats are preparing for quarterfinals for the first time in the programs four year history.

“It just really took hard work and grit,” head wrestling coach Matt Pipkins said. “They just they had to slug it out with the with all the other teams from the region. We just kept trying to execute and keep wrestling. That was pretty much the whole thing, no matter what happens keep wrestling.”

Keep wrestling they will as they take on Thompson this weekend.

“Thompson is pretty tough so really what it takes is not giving up, not getting in bad position and wrestling smart with some grit,” Pipkins said.

The team came in second in region one to qualify for quarterfinals.

Senior Zachary McFarland says it’s the work off the mat that prepares them on the mat.

“It’s not just a sport you can show up at the practice and just show up,” McFarland said. “It’s a lot of mentally preparing off the mat and then cutting weight. There’s just a lot to it that a lot of people don’t see and it’s just a lot of work.”

Pipkins says the team’s passion is what sets them apart from others.

“They’re just really willing and they just love wrestling,” Pipkins said. “They just love being here and they love working hard and learning. I think that’s probably what makes it special and they’re all in it to be successful.”

Freshman Cody Kirk has been on the team for three years already.

He’s proud of how far the team has come and believes they’ll improve even more in the next few years.

“The first year we had a ton of starters,” Kirk said. “We’re still getting starters every year, which is nice, but every year I see the team develop and grow more and more.”

The Wildcats travel to Alabaster to face Thompson in the quarterfinals this weekend.