DALE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Last season the Rebels of G.W Long had a stacked 12 senior class.

“Most of those guys were contributors. Lost three starters on the offensive line. Our quarterback, lost running back on offense, lost both inside linebackers.” stated head coach David Watts.

A lot of people would be fooled seeing the numbers that this team has lost this season, but don’t be. With 11 seniors coming back, five returning on the offense, and six returning on the dark side of the ball, the Rebels of Skipperville might have enough fire to do some damage this season. Out of those 11 seniors, most were starters and if not were significant contributors meaning this team still has some power in their punch.

Watts says that this team has to stay consistent and just be the best that they can be, but how that looks is still to be determined. 

“I don’t know we haven’t even really got into it yet. We got a good group of guys, they like each other and they work really hard. So you know whatever our ceiling is I think they’ll get pretty close.”

The Rebels get the first-week bye before strapping up to take on Slocomb for their first home game on Aug. 26.