NEW BROCKTON, Ala. — Jason Barnett faces a challenging initiation as he steps into the role of head coach for the New Brockton Gamecocks, a team that struggled with a winless record of 0-10 last season.

“Coaches, we are competitive people, don’t get me wrong, but wins and losses don’t define me. It’s the kids that we create to become new men and grown men – that’s what matters to me,” shared Coach Jason Barnett, reflecting on his coaching philosophy and priorities for the upcoming season.

Acknowledging the uphill battle that lies ahead, Barnett is clear that the team’s focus at this juncture cannot be solely on wins and losses. “We just need to focus on getting better each day,” Barnett emphasized. The coach recognizes that progress is a step-by-step process, and he aims to instill a culture of growth and development within the team.

Despite the team’s recent struggles, Barnett is eager to work with the talent available on the roster. One standout player is running back Yassiah Rousseau, who is poised to take on a significant role as the Gamecocks’ bellcow this year. In the wide receiver position, Barnett holds high hopes for sophomore Anthony Silar and junior Baylon Foster, both of whom he sees as promising assets.

On the defensive front, senior Blake Peterson will lead the charge from his linebacker position, providing a seasoned presence to guide the team’s efforts.

As the Gamecocks brace for their season opener against the Elba Tigers on August 25th, the overarching theme remains one of growth, development, and progress. While victories will inevitably be a measure of success, Coach Barnett’s primary focus lies in nurturing young athletes into responsible, mature men.