GENEVA COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Well, with many starters coming back for the Geneva County Bulldogs, they’re in for a treat this season. 

Yeah, you could say they lost an ace, but If you ask me, they gave a top pick. 

14 seniors along with 12 juniors returned for the Bulldogs this season. Yet the real difference for this team is not on the hash but the sideline. 

“You know, I’m just excited to get started with this Group.” Stated Josh Thompson.

A new head football coach, Josh Thompson, who you might recognize from the basketball bench, takes over the program with a new and modern focus. 

“I’m more of a players coach, I get along with the players. I’m not friends with them, but I get along with the players. And you can have discipline and still; you ain’t gotta be a hard-nosed coach all the time.” Stated Josh.

Many coaches say every year that they are going to end on a win, but only one at the end of the season actually accomplishes that goal. Thompson has a mindset that doesn’t turn away from that idea, but it doesn’t place the stress on an end goal either. 

Thompson continued by stating. “My expectations, you know are to go out there and win, do what you’re supposed to do Monday through Thursday, and then you out there and put the, you know, best foot on the field Friday night to win. You know, I know that’s every coach’s goal, but you know that’s our job.”

How’s it been shifting from one coach to another? 

“It’s a little different ’cause you got to get used to the new coach’s style, but him as always we had a better connection with him. He knows how to coach us and he’s just been with us the whole time,” said Senior Scott Sanders.

With eight starters returning on the dark side of the ball, and five on the light side. These boys aren’t just bringing the mullets, back in the style, but bringing the team together too.

“Everybodys more bought in now. Everybody gets along with everybody now and practices go a lot better, and so do games. Like nobody bickers about anything and we just have a great time, like family.” said Senior Jay Roberts. 

Sanders would also say. “Just like a brotherhood, everybody loves each other. Play around like brothers, we argue but we always come back together. “

Jay also says the team has a little dance party before every game as a ritual. And if they can keep up with Austin Greenland, they could be my dogs too.