HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — After droping their season opener to Houston Academy the Rebels went on an unbelievable 14-game winning streak!

Tuesday night they found themselves taking on the lady birds of Providence Christian!

Rehobeth and Providence Christian split one set a piece going into the 3rd set.

The score was 13-12 with Rehobeth holding the lead until Providence Christians, Ella Houston, builds the campfire with an open-hand block! From then on the Eagles would burn bright! Reagan stevens would Hamerdown in a 7-1 run

But ROHO would not hold back! Emma Arnold, part of a 6-1 sprint would hammerdown heavily as the Rebels resurrect themselves back into the 3rd set, down 21-19.

The Rebels would run out of gas in the next two points and Providence takes the 3rd set

Going into the 4th set the Eagles were cool, calm and on fire popping off with a 4-0 stroll! Rehobeth’s Emma Arnold come to find out, likes to camp and brings the Rebels back within two points 7-5.

But “duse duse” Ella Brown wasn’t having none of it.

The birds of Providence Christian take the fourth and final set 25-17. As Reagle the Eagle flies high with a dub 3 sets to 1!