HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Hits for Heroes is an organization that for a decade has done three major things.

It has brought the community together, holding its well-known baseball tournament in February, but most importantly it has raised money for local veterans to get their life back.

Wednesday marked a milestone in the support for this cause. Seven years ago in 2015, the money they raised was $23,000. But in 2022, that money has raised to a solid $45,000.

“It is $45,000 that we’ve raised and after coming off a year of COVID-19, a lot of hard hits throughout our community and everyone else is community; we were very proud to be able to donate that $45,000,” co-founder of Hits for Heroes, Angela Dunning said. “We partnered eight years ago with Jeep Sullivan’s Wounded Warrior Outdoor Adventures. It’s a local organization that helps past military members that are just struggling that just need someone to help him get off the couch.”

It was easy to see that Jeep Sullivan was touched by the community’s support.

“We already had 48 different veterans out this year in eight different states doing stuff,” founder of Hits for Heroes, Jeep Sullivan stated. “And our goal is right around 100 veterans this year. So this $45,000 will buy a lot of airplane tickets, a lot of fishing license, a lot of hunting license, rental cars, and all kinds of good stuff. It’s heartfelt money to ’cause these people, all these people you know, through what we’ve been through the last few years, it’s really, you know, to see a dollar come now and then when you see $45,000 come. It really shows there’s a grand effort that you know that was behind this.”