New Brockton Football season preview 2022

COFFEE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — In his third year, New Brockton Head Coach Zack Holmes didn’t think a 3-1 start would be last season’s climax.

“Best start in a really long time and then I lost our starting quarterback to an injury and made some adjustments there and went down and beat a 4A for the first time and we’re sitting at 4-2. Then from there it just kind of tailed off.” stated Holmes

Holmes claims that ever since day one, things have been on a consistent uphill growth.

“When I got here, we had one team and now we have two separate teams that will actually play 3 levels of football. The kids have handled the growth well and I think they know what it takes to be successful now at the 3A level.”

With 14 seniors to lead the way, New Brockton returns seven offensive players.

With a new quarterback and many new faces on the dark side of the ball, the Gamecocks are a young team, still, the game plan for this season is set.

“Every day find a way to compete early but then and then finish well too. That’s what we’re working towards. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

The Gamecocks face Elba on Aug. 19 on their home turf. They are 1-13 against the Tigers all time.