NEW BROCKTON, Ala. (WDHN) — Troy University is a quick 31 mile drive from New Brockton High School which means family and friends won’t have to go far to see Kaden Cupp take the field for the Trojans.

The Gamecock signed with Troy’s football program as a recruited walk-on.

“Growing up, going to football games at Troy and being able to go up there and watch the scrimmage and then having the opportunity to come watch some more practices it just felt like home,” Cupp said. “Going to camp up there it just felt like I could play there.”

Despite spending his high school career playing quarterback for the Gamecocks he’ll take on the role of slot receiver for the Trojans.

“It’ll take some getting used to, but I feel like I’m ready just because I can showcase my speed and I can catch the ball, I know,” Cupp said. “It’ll be different, but it’ll be fun at the same time.”

Cupp already has established goals for his time at Troy: make the 110 man fall camp roster, 70 man travel team and make a difference at the university.

New Brockton Head Coach Zack Holmes says if anyone is up for the challenge it’s Kaden Cupp.

“He wouldn’t have it any other way, having to battle the adversity,” Holmes said. “I think that’s the thing with him. It’s going to be the perfect story for him. There’s no doubt in my mind he’s going to go there, he’s going to walk on, he’s going to make it. He’s going to earn whatever he gets. I think his mindset and his no quit attitude is exactly what it needs to be for him to be successful taking this path.”

Cupp’s no quit attitude has paid off so far. His high school career he racked up 5,381 total offensive yards, 4,646 of those passing and 1,927 rushing.

He had 48 passing touchdowns and found the end zone 25 times on the ground.

Holmes says Cupp’s commitment to Troy is the perfect example for the Gamecock program that work ethic is worth it.

“The guys who work, the guys who do the extra, the guys who really commit and put in it pays them back,” Holmes said. “That to me, that’s what this is about. Is that it has rewarded him because Kaden has done right by the game of football.”

Cupp plans on getting started working with the Trojans later on in the summer.