HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — The anticipation around who will lead Wallace baseball is finally over.

Ryan Ihle was named the new head coach for Governors baseball, on Thursday. Former head Coach Mackey Sasser told WDHN why he believes Ihle is the man for the job.

“He just reminds me of myself when I first started,” Sasser said. “Just the guy that I felt in my heart. That could really just take over and do the things he needed to do.”

During Ihle’s junior college career at Colby Community College in Kansas he hit .264 and .297 and was a Jayhawk All-Conference shortstop. For non JUCO products, that’s essentially the SEC of junior college sports.

“He came to me last year and now I knew about the fact that he was very intelligent when it comes to baseball. And how he handled the kids? I mean he was just until he was mature,” Sasser said.

He has continued to coach at the junior college level and the Cape Cod League every summer in Massachusetts

“For a 28 year old young man, he has a great baseball mind. He’s very well connected in the coaching community,” Sasser said. “Which I also thought you know he can continue to do what we’ve been doing every year is getting our players, signed up for your institution, that’s why they come to Wallace College”