MIDLAND CITY, Ala. (WDHN) — Dale County High School is celebrating the first Warrior to sign an Esports scholarship.

Liam McNamara will be a member of the Huntingdon Hawk’s first Esports recruiting class.

McNamara will play multiple games for the Hawks, but plans to focus on Overwatch.

The Hawks recently repurposed Drum Theatre to serve as a 286 seat Esports arena.

This fall will be the first seating of Huntingdon’s Esports team.

“I played with a few of the people that are in the chat,” McNamara said. “We’ve got a little chat between us that are interested. We’ve played really well together so I think we’ve got a lot going for us.”

Along with the draw to Huntingdon’s Esports program McNamara says the small campus felt like home.