Wildcats describe senior season after losing last year’s because of COVID-19

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — Spring sports were in full swing last year when seasons were cancelled because of COVID-19.

Now senior athletes are reflecting on what it means to them to play their sport.

The Enterprise High School girls soccer team was on its way to a tournament in March last year when the girls found out their season was over.

“It was really heartbreaking like for our seniors especially, and just being in the middle of our season not playing any important games like area or playoffs,” said Sydney Garth, an EHS soccer player. “And we had a really strong team so it was kind of just sad that we didn’t get to finish.”

Despite having a short season as juniors, the Wildcats continued practicing in order to make their senior season that much better.

While some played on travel teams, others stayed closer to home.

“We were fortunate enough to get to play on our city courts,” said Grace Heim, an EHS tennis player. “They didn’t close down so just continuing to get out here with friends and still play tennis. I think that was a way that I dealt with not getting a high school season.”

As uncertainty rose around the world thanks to the pandemic, for several students, sports remained a constant.

“I guess kind of just like home,” said Parker Sessions, an EHS baseball player. “It’s like I’ve always done it ever since I could walk. I grew up playing any sport; anything with a ball, I’d play it.”

Plus, after losing their season last year, this year’s games have become even more meaningful.

“A blessing and like a lesson to always be grateful and take everything you get and make the most of it,” Sessions said.

Soccer, tennis, and baseball are in the middle of their seasons.

“I’m hoping we can win area, go to playoffs, win that and hopefully return back to state,” Garth said.

And there’s even more to look forward to before graduation.

“Growing together as a team and making memories because you never know like last year it can just end like that,” Sessions said.

“High school’s one of those things that they tell you are the best years of your life but it goes by so fast,” Heim said. “It’s just weird.”

While it’s bittersweet their high school athletic careers are ending, Garth, Sessions and Heim are looking forward to starting their next chapter in college.

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