SAMSON, Ala. (WDHN) — You just can’t get the Samson Tiger football team out of the weight room.

“I don’t have to stand over them with a whistle,” Head Football Coach Jason Wambles said. “They get on point and get to work. They keep working. Actually, I have to get them out of here as you saw today, so that’s a good problem to have.”

Wambles spoke highly about his whole team, but he believes offensive and defensive lines are going to be standouts for the Tigers this season.

“We’re two deep up front so that helps a lot for depth and for staying fresh in the game,” Wambles said. “We’re going to lean on that this year. That’s going to be what we hang our hat on is up front on both sides of the ball so we’re excited about that.”

The guys on the line all squat around 500 lbs.

With about three months before the season begins, each player is holding each other accountable so they’re prepared when the ball kicks off in August.

“It may sound like we’re trying to be mean to each other but we’re not,” senior guard Christian Diaz said. “We’re trying to push each other to be stronger, faster and put in the hard work because that’s where the real hard progress is is at practice and we want everybody to be there.”

“They just like to come out here and work,” senior TE/DE Konner Owens said. “Ever since I moved here it’s just been a different atmosphere. They’re all committed to everything.”

“We just got to know and think we’re the best,” senior tackle Jeb Spann said. “Work like we’re the best.”

Each player on the line is over six foot and anywhere from 225 to 325 lbs.

Along with their sizes, growing up together has created a brotherhood which makes them a force to be reckoned with on Friday nights.

“I trust the guy to my left and I trust the guy to my right to block,” Spann said.

“We’re just a big family of brothers,” junior TE/DE Logan Smith said. “We love each other and just work hard and got that mindset.”

Players credit Coach Wambles as well as the whole town with motivating them to be their best.

“Just the whole Samson way,” Smith said. “The mindset of the school, not just the football team, but the school, grades, all the way around. We can thank Coach Wambles for that.”

“Our community, they come out to the games,they come out to practices,” Spann said. “We got the churches, they cook food for us. Everybody in this town loves football and you can tell.”

The Tigers’ season opener is August 20 at home against Marengo.