On Saturday night, all the MLB award winners from the 2022 season received their awards at the Baseball Writers Association of America dinner. The event was the culmination of a season’s worth of accomplishments for the best players and managers.

However, one set of awards appears to feature a critical spelling error. Last year’s Cy Young winners, Sandy Alcántara and Justin Verlander, posed for photos with their award plaques, allowing fans to get a closer look at the hardware. As a result, observers noticed the word “valuable” is misspelled on the award, as both plaques are missing the second “a” in the word.

That is an embarrassing spelling error on a significant award. Amazingly, the award didn’t need the word “valuable.” It appears that in the past, when Cy Young winners received their award plaques, the word “outstanding” was used. Apparently “outstanding” was replaced by “valuable” on the Cy Young this year.

At least the word “valuable” is spelled correctly on the Most Valuable Player awards.