‘Future looks bright’ for ESCC in the coming months


ENTERPRISE, Ala (WDHN) — WDHN’s Cody Giles spoke with Enterprise State Community College officials about their state of affairs in the following in depth interview: 

I am here at Enterprise State Community College with two wonderful people. Would you guys like to introduce yourselves? 

Kassie Mathis: Good morning. I’m Kassie Mathis Dean of Students.

Danny Long: Good morning, I’m Danny long.  I’m the vice president and dean of instruction for. 

The college well, I appreciate both of you for joining me here this morning and I’m sure the audience does as well. 

Continuing our coverage from the 5:00 o’clock showhow do you plan on bringing back in person learning whenever that is finally readministered? 

Long: Well, actually our aviation students in Ozark have been attending class per FAA regulations since June 2nd of 2020 here on Enterprise Campus. We have gradually brought students back for hybrid classes, and really, what we figured out is we’re responsible for providing a diverse schedule that meets the diversity of our students. So come fall of 21, I expect to see in person classes, hybrid classes, online classes, and really we’re excited, and we think that meets the needs of our student body, the working student the parent that wants to come back to school, so we’re looking forward to Fall of 2021.

What exactly is the plans for your future now the people can enroll, coming back into classes? What are your plans for the immediate future here in these next few semesters, but also, in the long term? 

Mathis: Well, we’re really excited about the future. The thing about changes sometimes it’s hard, but good things come out of it, and so we’ve been able to learn a lot of things that we’re going to continue on as we move forward. For example, a lot of our forms and things where you know you had to bring them in coming face to face that’s online, are tutorial services are online. They’re going to continue to be online and face to face or advise. In-services are now online and face to face, so we’re excited about what’s going on. We’re excited that we’re able to do some things that we wanted to do, and we had to quickly make that transition, and now we’re doing it, and so the future looks bright at ESCC. 

And then do y’all plan on having people wear masks or be vaccinated whenever they come in? 

Long: Yeah, we will continue to follow the guidance of our medical professionals department, public health or partners at the community college system. We know the mask mandate will be lifted statewide in April 9, but we will continue to wear face coverings through the spring term, and then we’ll reevaluate as we look to summer term and fall term, essentially following the guidance of medical professionals. 

Is there anything else about what you are doing here or anything else you guys want to let people at home know? 

Mathis: Absolutely, registration opens for summer on April 17 and so we just welcome everybody to come and be a part of the ESCC family. 

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