Off the Wall Oddballz helps the community with art


Melissa Rezabek, owner of Off the Wall Oddballz has had her hand in a lot of the paintings around the city of Dothan and beyond.

“I am an extreme mixed medium artist, which means I do everything and anything you can think of,” said Rezabek. “If you can dream it I can do it, and if you need help dreaming it, I can do that too.”

WDHN met up with Rezabek at Mexican Connection, just one of the restaurants she has added her special flair to, and she didn’t just paint one or two pictures…

“You can go around and see all of the mural work,” Rezabek said. “The bathroom doors, sun faces, glass, I re-did Juan, I did the glass out front, the windows out front, that is semi-permanent.”

Whether it’s the art located here at the Mexican connection, the Jimmy John’s in Dothan, Enterprise and Birmingham, Hibachi Joe’s, Dakota Coffee, and much more, you’ve probably seen the art from Off the Wall Oddballs at some point or another.

Rezabek’s favorite thing in the world is helping others such as local non-profits by donating her art to help raise money, the most recent being aiding the Wiregrass 2-1-1 by donating a painting to the 13th-anniversary event last week.

“So I helped them at Wiregrass 2-1-1 and I’m also in the process of doing a mural at the S.O.S. in Enterprise,” said Rezabek.

She does all of this because she believes one of the best things you can do in life is helping someone; even if that someone is yourself.

“I’m telling you, I don’t care how much money you have, you have to make it happen,” said Rezabek. “I just want to emphasize that so much, your dreams are important, follow them!”

For more information or to contact Rezabek, find “Off the Wall Oddballz” on Facebook, Google or Instagram.

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