Rehobeth schools receives new electronics from CARES Act funds


REHOBETH, Ala (WDHN) — The CARES Act has helped many businesses and communities throughout the pandemic and the same goes for the schools of Rehobeth, as they partnered together to improve educational electronics.

The town of Rehobeth received about $103,000 of CARES Act money, and since there wasn’t much need for it at the town hall, it put it back into the schools with the addition of new electronics.

“We did a good job of finding things that we would be able to use even further out,” Mayor Kimberly Trotter said. “You know, it was one you either had to use or lose, and if we use it, we want to be smart with it.”

This money went to a classroom set of Chromebooks for the high school and around 30 brand new touch panels for the elementary and middle schools.

With the new supplies, the schools will be able to better prepare their students for the future and will also help students have a better learning experience in the classroom.

“It’s a great way for our kids to be interactive in the classroom,” Rehobeth Elementary School Principal Dusty McKinley said. “They are so engaged and involved in technology outside of school. It is one way to keep them here and their attention focused on lessons.”

With the addition of these new boards and these Chromebooks, the schools of Rehobeth hopes to close the gap that has been caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Its put Rehobeth Elementary School years ahead of where we would have been with the technology so we should impact our engagement with students in the classroom,” elementary curriculum Supervisor Greg Yance said.

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