DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Meteorologist Andrew Clarke has your daily walk the dog forecast sponsored by Wet Pets of Dothan!

Today will be another mostly sunny and mainly dry day with very hot temperatures. Most locations will make it up to at least the upper 90s, if not the lower 100s for highs. The good news is, even though it will be hot, it won’t feel like it’s way above the actual air temperature; this is because we will have lower humidity values and dewpoints, so it will feel more like a dry heat outdoors as opposed to a humid heat like we saw last week. Even though this will be the case, it is still very important that you drink plenty of water, take frequent breaks, and wear loose-fitting clothing if you’re going to be outdoors at any time today! Like I mentioned before, we should stay mainly dry area-wide. However, an isolated shower or two cannot be entirely ruled out during the peak heating of the day in the afternoon.

Given the hot day we’re expecting, I would definitely recommend taking your dog out for a walk this morning before we potentially warm up into the triple digits this afternoon. However, if you do decide to go during the afternoon instead, make sure to keep the walk short and take water along for you and your pup to stay cool. Have a great Wednesday!