DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Temperatures are on the rise for those off to our west across the southern Great Plains, as evidenced by the upper 60s and 70s that we’re seeing in Texas. We also have a couple different warm fronts that are bringing a lot of warm air to the Midwest and Upper Midwest as well as those in the Lone Star State. Unless you’re out west or in the Great Lakes region, you had a mainly clear and dry day overall. We had a ton of sunshine down here in the Tri-State, and we should be able to continue those mostly clear conditions tonight. Temperatures are in the 50s right now, but we’ll be dropping fast once again. Dew points are currently in the 30s, so that means we’ll take another visit to the 30s tonight. However, we won’t go too deep into the 30s this time around. Lows will bottom out in the upper 30s tonight and into Friday morning.

Christmas Eve will be significantly warmer than previous days this week. Mostly sunny skies and southerly winds will take us right up to the 70 degree mark.

But eventually the rain must return. Saturday/Christmas Day will be dry and Sunday should be dry for us as well. There’s a possibility for some isolated showers within the Southeast U.S., so just keep that in mind if you are travelling away from the Wiregrass on Sunday. Monday will be our first shot at some isolated showers, and Tuesday brings us a slightly better chance for a couple of showers. Wednesday also keeps that rain chance in the picture, but it still looks fairly low.

On the other hand, our temperatures will take a big jump tomorrow and continue rising this weekend with 70s likely from Christmas Eve all the way through the beginning of the next workweek. In fact, the warm temperatures don’t stop there. Besides tomorrow, we will likely have morning lows in the 50s and even 60s and our afternoon highs will be in the middle or upper 70s for the foreseeable future! Rain chances look low for now as mentioned before, but we’ll be keeping an eye on them in case the few light showers we’re expecting right now become a little more widespread.