(WDHN) — Only a few thunderstorms have erupted Sunday afternoon, but t-storms in east and central Alabama may make it to our area during the evening hours. No severe thunderstorm warnings so far on Sunday.

The Excessive Heat Warning will continue thru Monday with a Heat Advisory likely Tuesday for our area; high temperature for Wed thru next weekend looks to be lower, around 92 to 95 for most of us.

Monday should see a 50% PM thunderstorm chance increasing to 70% for Tuesday afternoon & evening followed by a 50% thunderstorm chance for Wednesday before settling down to a 20 to 30% rain chance Thursday thru next weekend.

Tropics: Weather tropical models are showing a possible weak tropical system moving in the SW Atlantic around the southern Bahamas between Aug 15-18, then a west-moving weak tropical system in the central Gulf of Mexico around Aug 20-22, then another possible tropical storm moving toward the Mississippi coast around Aug 28- all these possibilities will vary over the next several days.