(WDHN) — Look for lots of sunshine into next Friday. High temperatures Sunday & Monday should be around 94 to 96, but hotter Tuesday into Friday with high temps around 97 to 102 before retreating to the upper 90s next Friday & closer to the mid-90s by next Saturday. Rain chances show up late week around 20% to close to 40% next Saturday.

TROPICS- First, the eastern Pacific- Hurricane Hilary was a Cat 4 hurricane two days ago with sustained winds near 135 to 140 mph, but has weakened, AS EXPECTED., to Cat 1 status with sustained winds about 85 mph but still has impressive circular rain bands with very strong thunderstorms & gusty winds near 60 mph now over parts of Baja. California, the spit of land south of southeast California; some of these strong storms will make it into extreme southeast California & southwest Arizona later tonight; even though some of the national media raised alarm bells about Hilary when it was a Cat 4 hurricane, 2 days ago, Hilary was NEVER going to reach California other than as a tropical storm- highest winds will be east of San Diego around wind gusts of 50 to 55 mph on Sunday- what’s left of Hilary as a tropical depression will weaken even more as it moves into southern Nevada Sunday night.

The big story with Hilary thru Monday night will be very heavy rains & resulting catastrophic flooding likely in many areas.

Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico & Caribbean-

Several areas of disturbed & possible tropical formation over the next 7 to 10 days…

  1. there likely will be a hurricane by mid to late week in the open central Atlantic but no threat to land is expected..
  2. a tropical depression is mnear the northeast caribbean & is favored to develop & move thru the northern Caribbean next week- not much to go on just yet…
  3. an area of tropical weather will move quickly thru the southern Gulf toward Texas by Tues but should be no more than a tropical; storm by then, if that…
  4. the last one will be moving thru the central caribbean by mid to late week & could develop by week’s end in the western Caribbean- little else is known for now.