DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Today will start out mostly sunny and dry, but that will change quickly with the development of scattered to numerous showers and storms during the PM hours; a good majority of our area should see rain with a 60% chance overall. We’ll peak at 90 here in the Circle City for our high temperature; outlying areas should stay generally cooler in the upper 80s.

Tuesday and Wednesday will not be much different than today with a 60% chance for PM showers and storms both of those days as well. The only change expected will be in our high temps as we drop off to the mid 80s.

Thursday will be similarly wet as rain chances stay near 60%. We’ll begin the day in the upper 60s and make it into the mid 80s again.

Friday and Saturday should be a bit drier, but we’ll still have a 30% chance for afternoon showers and storms as we keep high temps in the mid 80s and low temps near 70.

Sunday will likely end up being our driest day this week with mainly sunny skies and only a 20% chance for a few showers. We’ll see highs cool down further into the low 80s; lows will follow suit as we could start the day in the upper 50s!