DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — We’ll drop to around 70 degrees tonight, but the increasing cloud cover and dew points will keep us from dropping any further.

Friday could start off with a little rain from the remnants of the storm system that will be crossing the Mississippi River tonight. Temperatures will likely climb to the low and middle 80s just before a new group of showers and storms develop just west of our area. There is some uncertainty with this forecast, specifically concerning the structure of the storms. Some models depict them as being supercellular storms while others depict a line of storms going through the whole Tri-State. If the storms are supercellular, the tornado and hail threat goes up a little. If the storms develop into a line, there is still a threat for tornadoes, but they will likely be brief and weak. Make sure to watch Wake Up Wiregrass and WDHN Daytime tomorrow morning for the latest details from Andrew Clarke.

Saturday should be dry and mostly sunny. Temperatures will still be seasonably warm with most of us in the middle 80s. Winds will be breezy with gusts frequently over 20mph.

Sunday – Tuesday will all be in the middle 80s, mainly sunny, and dry.

Wednesday brings us a 20% chance for showers and takes our temperatures into the middle and upper 80s yet again.

Thursday keeps us in the middle 80s with mostly sunny skies.