DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — We could get a couple more brief showers this evening, but most folks will remain dry. Temperatures will hover in the low 80s and upper 70s for the next few hours.

Tuesday will bring us this week’s best rain chance at 40%. We’ll start the day in the upper 60s, peak in the upper 80s, and have showers in and around the region.

Wednesday will be primarily dry, but there is still a chance for a couple isolated showers. Temperatures will once again start in the upper 60s and peak around 90 degrees.

Thursday has a 20% for rain with partly sunny skies. Temperatures will still peak in the low 90s.

Friday brings us another 30% chance for showers. Morning temps will be around 70 degrees while afternoon highs peak in the low 90s. A front should be passing through the Southeast late in the day, but it likely won’t cause a huge change in our weather pattern.

Saturday and Sunday have a 20% and 30% chance for rain respectively. Both days will start off at 70 degrees and end up in the low 90s.

Monday has yet another chance for some showers and storms. We’ll give it a 40% chance for now with highs still peaking in the upper 80s.

Concerning the Tropics, Hurricane Agatha (in the Eastern Pacific Ocean) will make landfall in Mexico today. As it crosses Central America, it will either move into the Southern Gulf of Mexico (Bay of Campeche) or move into the Caribbean Sea. As it moves toward the Florida Peninsula, a front should be crossing the Southeast US. This should keep the tropical system away from our area. We’ll monitor the situation as it develops over the next few days.