DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Cloudy and foggy weather took a bit of an extended stay this morning than previously thought, but after it cleared away, we saw sunshine dominate for the rest of the day and our temperatures warm back up, but not up to the levels we were expecting. As we go through the evening and overnight hours, we can expect some increase in cloud cover and the development of patchy dense fog yet again. Temperatures will bottom out in the mid 50s.

Much like today, some of this fog will likely stick around for a little bit to begin your Monday morning, so be sure to leave yourself a little extra time to get to your destination if you’re planning on going out and about! As we go through the rest of the day after that, we’ll continue to see an increase in cloudiness out ahead of a cold front moving our way. There will be the chance for showers and maybe even a few thunderstorms as this front moves closer, potentially in the form of a weakening line that would move through during the late afternoon and early evening hours. With this in mind, since the overall coverage of rain looks to have improved a good bit compared to yesterday, we’ve raised those rain chances to 50% area-wide. High temperatures will be on the warm side once again prior to the rain moving in, with most locations warming up to the mid to upper 70s.

After this front moves past our area Monday night, it is expected to stall and become stationary along the I-10 corridor just south of us in the Florida Panhandle. Even though we’ll be behind the front, our overnight lows won’t change much relative to the last few days, so we’ll start Tuesday in the mid 50s once again. With the front still in our general vicinity and an upper low moving our way from the Gulf, moisture will remain in place and support the chance, albeit a little lower, for scattered showers once again. High temperatures will drop a good bit thanks to us being north of the front, as most spots will likely only reach the mid 60s during the afternoon.

An upper level trough will then move in on Wednesday and help to re-energize the stalled and somewhat washed out front. This will essentially allow the front to waver north a little bit, which will help to drive in more moisture and raise our chance for showers and maybe a few storms back up considerably. Thus, expect rain chances to peak for the week on this day specifically at around 60%. Despite the increased areal extent of rain, we’ll see a return to the 70s for our high temperatures.

After this trough moves out, the front will remain stationary over us but weaken yet again as we head into Thursday. Because it will be in our general area once again, we’ll see decent moisture remain in place and another chance for showers, albeit a good bit lower than Wednesday at around 30%. Highs will be in the low 70s.

Expect the chance for a few showers yet again on Friday. Additionally, with the front climbing even further north, this will put us fully entrenched in a very warm airmass. Thus, we’ll begin the day in the 60s (nearly 15 degrees above average for our low temperatures this time of year) and top out in the upper 70s for our afternoon highs.

Similarly warm temperatures look to be on the table for Saturday as well, as well as the chance for a few showers, but the chance will be slightly lower at around 20%. We’ll begin the morning even warmer in the mid 60s and make it up to around 80 degrees for our highs!

Another upper level trough then looks to push in Saturday night, driving up our chance for showers and storms yet again. Some of this activity looks like it will carry into Sunday morning as well before it pushes out along with the front by the afternoon. High temperatures will only peak in the upper 60s before much cooler air filters in post-front later in the day.