(WDHN) — The official start of summer isn’t until June 21, and so far the highest temperature recorded is 97 degrees — but the heat index temperature is registering in triple digits.

“When you get temperatures like this that makes people run their air conditioner more,” Wiregrass Electric Chief Operating Officer, Brad Kimbro said.

But using that extra energy for comfortability during the summer months comes with an uncomfortable price.

“Usually, our bill runs about 180 bucks, and now it’s up to 220,” Shane Duddy said. “It’s not too bad for one month but over the next three five-six months it adds up and that’s like another 2 bills a year.”

For Wiregrass Electric, around 25% of their customers struggle when it comes to making high payments — that percentage could rise higher during today’s climate with inflation.

But Chief Operating Officer Brad Kimbro said they are not the big bad utility company, so that’s why they like to engage with their customers through different programs to help them on the front end before there’s a disconnection.

“Call people and let them know your usage is double from last month and if you cant pay we have payment arrangements which can delay the payment but we don’t just forgive it,” He said.

For Duddy, his monthly bill has forced him to make changes within his household to keep from breaking the bank.

“We’ve got our temperature up to 75-76,” Duddy added.

Other ways to save on your bill are using your ceiling fan more, keeping blinds closed, and cleaning your air filters regularly.