MALVERN, Ala. (WDHN) — Residents are dealing with the aftermath of the severe storms that swept through the Wiregrass on Tuesday. One family’s home may be a total loss.

The inside of Dazha Cogman’s mobile home in the Magnolia Grove Trailer Park is in shambles after her home was lifted off the ground during the powerful storm that swept through on the afternoon of April 5.

“The neighbors said that it was lifted so high up in the air that a car could drive under it,” Cogman said.

Everything she owns is now either broken, damaged, or scattered on the floor of her trailer.

“It just looks like everything is stroud, some stuff is broken,” Cogman said. “We had pictures that were up here. They fell and they are actually cracked. These are the pictures, they still have some glass to them that were broken.”

Cogman says her trailer is now sitting on its axel, which you can feel through the floor of her home. And after assessing the damage, she believes it is completely totaled.

Cogman is not the only resident that received damage. High winds and heavy rain tore through Malvern, leaving destruction in its wake.

Walls and rooves from homes in the Magnolia Grove Trailer Park can now be seen in the trees across the street. Many are now in the process of fixing the damage left behind.

Neighbors just down the road also saw the damage where several trees are down blocking Bogg Road, which according to residents, is a busy street for those in the area.

They say at the time of the storm, they knew it was going to cause damage.

“Everything started to shake a little bit, you could hear this loud rumbling noise coming from over there. That’s when we realized something was happening, that it wasn’t just a regular storm,” Malvern resident, Ian Venner said.