EARLY COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — A severe storm that passed through the Wiregrass touched down just on the other side of the state line in Georgia.

In the town of Centerville south of Damascus Hilton Road on Three Notch Road in Early County, the area received extensive damage from a possible tornado that touched down.

A steel barn that was over 16-feet tall, which stored a diesel truck and tractor used for farming was destroyed after that possible tornado swept through the area.

The owners said there was also damage to their crops and irrigation system. That you can see the storm completely tipped that irrigation system over on its side.

A tree that was over 15-feet tall fell just feet away from a home and left its large branches all over the owner’s yard. The trunk itself was at least ten feet in width and height.

At least one other house had a tree down in its yard and just about every yard in the area had branches and debris left behind.

According to law enforcement, a power line was also taken down due to the possible tornado.

At this time, the people impacted by the severe storm that swept through Early County are just trying to assess and pick up the damage.

The woman who owns the barn that was destroyed by the storm tells WDHN she is just thankful that her family is safe and accounted for.