ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — In Enterprise, tire shop owner, Rhett Marques, is running for a second term as a state representative, however, a fellow Enterprise resident hopes to unseat him in this Tuesday’s Republican primary.

When the Alabama legislature is not in session, one can usually find Marques fixing flats and doing engine work at his automobile repair shop in Enterprise.

Since taking office several years ago, Marques says he and his colleagues have approved legislation reducing red tape and making it easier for a small businessmen to prosper in the state.

“It’s been an honor to be the District 91 representative for the last four years,” Rep. Marques said. “I think we’ve done a lot of great things for this district, the Wiregrass, and the state. You’ve seen infrastructure and economic development. A lot of things coming into this area and I thinks it’s the result of the policies that we passed.”

Republican challenger, Les Hogan, works out of town, but recently during the peanuts and politics forum, Hogan says he’s the man to vote for.

Hogan tells the media that he is an outsider looking to change business as usual in the Alabama Legislature. He believes Marques is part of the ‘good ole boy system,’ and it’ll take someone from outside the ‘Montgomery cliques” to get real reform done.

“I’ll fight back against illegal immigration that hurts our state and our district,” Hogan said. “Our fight back against lawmakers who coerce lawmakers to vote their way. If you vote no, you get no projects in your district. That’s not leadership, that’s a dictatorship.”

Both Marques and Hogan say they are proponents of the Republican philosophy of smaller government and fewer taxes. With no Democratic opponents, the winner of the race next Tuesday will be sworn-in next January as House District 91 representative for the next four years.

Reporting in Enterprise, Mike Gurspan WDHN News for the wiregrass.