OZARK, ALA. (WDHN) — Amendment One appears to be gaining the most voter attention.

If passed, Aniah’s law would allow judges to deny bail to dangerous offenders, who are charged with violent felonies like murder, kidnapping, and rape.

In 2019, Aniah Blanchard was kidnapped from a convenience store in Auburn and found dead a month later in rural Macon County.

The suspect had been released on a $280,000 bond after he was charged with kidnapping, robbery, and attempted murder several months earlier in Montgomery.

Amendment One, better known as Aniah’s law, on Tuesday’s state ballot would allow judges to
deny bail to dangerous offenders charged with murder, kidnapping, and rape.

33rd Judicial Circuit for Dale and Geneva counties, D.A. Kirk Adams says he along with his colleagues statewide are campaigning for passing Amendment One.

Adams says, “I think it’s important that our district judges and circuit judges have the ability to make a decision based on the things they know about the case. Whether this person is dangerous to our society and if they believe that they would now have the ability to not allow them a bond or bail pending their hearing.”

As we say it’s not just Kirk Adams but all other district attorneys statewide are also behind Aniah’s law.

District Attorney Walt Merrill of Covington county and assistant D.A. Jon Folmar of Pike and Coffee counties tell us that “Aniah’s law” is an important step in keeping the general public safe.