HENRY COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — The Henry County sheriff’s race for the Republican ticket has reached the end after a primary election and a run-off election as the votes piled into the Henry County Courthouse from the precincts.

Blankenship quickly took a lead in the early portion of Tuesday night. And then, with more than a 500 vote lead, Blankenship was predicted to win and claim his spot in the November election. Blankenship says that this whole race was hard on him and his opposition because they have become close friends, which gives this win a bittersweet taste.

“Well, I mean one just very thankful for the people that took time out of their day to come and vote for me,” Republican ticket winner, Eric Blankenship said. “I feel extremely blessed right now. This one is kinda bittersweet because I and Josh have been friends for years, so it’s kinda like fighting with your brother.”

Blankenship says that his platform remains the same as it was when he announced to run for sheriff and that is to serve the people the best he can. This is the platform he will take into the November general election.

“This is definitely a marathon and not a sprint,” Blankenship said. “It’s just one more hurdle we are having to get over to reach our end goal.”

About 2,820 people took to the polls Tuesday in to elect the next sheriff of Henry County. And at the end of the day, Blankenship says that he left the race in God’s hands.

“I have put this whole campaign in God’s hands,” Blankenship said. “If it’s his will for me to be the next sheriff I will be. I am just going to continue doing what we are doing and gonna move on.”

The winner will now take on Noel Vanlandingham in the November election to decide who will be the next Henry County sheriff at the beginning of next year.