HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Alabamians across the state are getting the opportunity to have their voices heard in the 2022 Primary Election, and voters in Houston County have been casting their ballots for the leadership they would like to see not only in the county but in the state.

Brandon Shoupe, who is currently the District 4 Houston County Commissioner, stepped down in order to run for the chairman seat. Now, he is set to replace Mark Culver the current chairman, who didn’t seek re-election after over 25 years in office.

“Chairman Culver has been in office for a long time and he has tremendous shoes to fill,” Shoupe said. “I don’t think anyone is going to fill those shoes, but I am going to do the best to be the best chairman I can be for all of Houston County.”

Shoupe already has some plans in mind on how he could better the county but also get community involvement in the commission.

“First thing that comes to mind is I want to have one meeting every month at night,” Shoupe tells WDHN. “That is an issue that I have heard over the years I have been in office.”

In addition, Shoupe believes it’s time for the county to start to focus on quality of life issues.

“Instead of just investing in companies, we got to invest in amenities, recreation, and entertainment,” Shoupe said. “Things that are going to make our county more attractive to people. Things that are going to make Houston County a better place to live, not only for citizens that have not yet moved here but for the citizens that are already here.”

Shoupe faced opposition from Doug Sinquefield, who got a little 31% of the vote, and also from Bobby Lewis, who got just 12%. of the vote in the race.

However, with more than 58% of the vote, Shoupe is ready to move the county forward.

“Building a working relationship with the new commission, that takes some time, I look forward to getting to know them really well and forging ahead,” Shoupe said.

Shoupe is expected to take office in November.