HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Voters of both Houston and Henry County made it clear who they wanted as their next Circuit Court Judge for the 20th District.

Chris Richardson, a defense attorney, and former prosecutor will be filling a local circuit court judge seat that opened up when Judge Larry Anderson decided to step down after 26 years.

There is no Democratic opposition against Richardson. With winning the Republican nominee, Richardson has won the general race as well.

“Thank you for all the support,” Richardson said. “It has really been one of the best things I have done all my life, is run for this office.”

Richardson, who has served as a defense attorney in the Wiregrass for the past few years, says he is ready to bring his experience with both civil and criminal cases to the office.

“I am so touched by all the people I have met, by all the prayers, and well wishes,” Richardson tells WDHN.

On Tuesday’s runoff election, he got 52% of the Houston and Henry County vote. His opponent, Seth Brooks, had a little over 47% of the vote.

However, in the Primary Election, those results were reversed. Brooks had got more than 46% of the vote. While in the Primary, Richardson got close to 33%.

“I want to be and do more than what is probably expected of a circuit court judge and what I mean by that is actually getting involved with the community,” Richardson said.

Richardson believes he has the answer to the recent spike in crime both counties have seen. He says it’s going to take a lot of reaching out to the community and understands the importance of working to keep our community safe.

After Tuesday’s election, he is just thankful for every voter who participated in both the Primary and Runoff Election.

“It is very humbling to see voting and voting results come in and your name with hundreds and thousands of people who actually chose you to be their judge,” Richardson said. “It absolutely means the world to me.”

Now that the election is over and behind him, Richardson is eager to give the community someone they can look up to.

Brooks said he just wants to thank his supporters who have stood by him for his entire 19-month campaign.

“I have a fantastic campaign team, my wife, my family, I cannot thank them enough,” Brooks said. “I cannot thank the voters enough.”

He adds, that this isn’t the last you will hear of him, he will continue to do work and volunteer around both counties.

“I want to thank both of my opponents in both the Primary in May and here in June, it was a tough, tough race,” Brooks said. “Hard-fought.”

Richardson is expected to take office next January.