DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Next Tuesday, is when Dothan residents have the opportunity to go to the polls and elect their next city leaders. District 5, which covers the west side of Dothan, is one of the Dothan city commission seats that are up for election.

Gantt Pierce said he has always had a passion for the community. This is why he decided to step up and run for the District Five-seat. He said Dothan is growing and residents need leadership for that growth to continue.

“I’d ask the people of District Five to educate themselves to me, educate themselves to my opponent, and understand what we are trying to accomplish in District Five,” Pierce said.

Anita Dawkins Weatherington decided to run because she said she will bring transparency between the city government and District Five residents. Weatherington said is ready to get to work to restart and fulfill the needs of her district.

“I have invested in Dothan for 12 years and I love my community,” Weatherington said. “I love the people I have been serving and I love what Dothan has to offer. I love the fact that we all work together.”

Both candidates tell WDHN that a commissioner is a voice, which needs to be heard among all other city officials.

“I’m looking forward to finding solutions, problems are easy to find but it takes time and effort to find solutions and I think I am the guy to do that here in Dothan for District Five,” Pierce said.

Both candidates also agree that this election is very important and people need to find a way to get to the polls so their voices can be heard.

“Who we are electing come August the third, we need to pay attention to the people that we are electing,” Weatherington said. “We need to pay attention to the growth that we want to go forward in Dothan.”