HENRY COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — There will be a new face as the Henry County Sheriff in January 2023. With the Democratic candidate decided in the race, there is still a runoff set to take place for the Republican ticket.

Tuesday night saw three candidates vie for the Republican ticket to run for Henry County Sheriff. That has now been reduced to two candidates.

Eric Blankenship, who received 49% of the vote, will take on Joshua Moore who received 26% of the vote.

“You know there are two sides to the law enforcement officers,” Blankenship said. “Being the officer and being out on the street dealing with people and the other side of that is being an administrator.”

“They would be able to see a good communication base between the sheriff and the community,” Moore said.

Blankenship is the current chief of the Abbeville Police Department. Moore is a deputy in the Henry County Sheriff’s Office.

Both men have similar goals as they are working to keep the community safe.

“I want to be a strong person in there that is going to carry us and make sure our kids are safe,” Blankenship said. “Make sure your family is protected.”

“However, we all may have different plans to be the sheriff, but in the end, we all have the same goal,” Moore said. “We all want to protect our community.”

Blankenship says that one of his main goals is to unite Henry County and make sure that all law enforcement agencies in the county are on the same page.

“Between that and putting more officers out into the rural areas in the county and putting them out to work more,” Blankenship said.

Moore’s significant goal is open communication with the people of Henry County. He wants to have an open-door policy with residents.

“They can come in and talk to me about their issues anytime,” Moore said. “Would give my number out, so that they could call me anytime to let me know of an issue they are having.”

The next Henry County Sheriff will take over for Will Maddox, who served as the sheriff for 16 years.

The winner of the June 21st runoff election will face Noel Vanlandingham in the general election in November.