HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Next Tuesday, voters across the state will be heading to the polls and voting in Alabama’s runoff election. However, a week before those elections are set to take place, Houston County poll workers put all the voting equipment that will be used in the runoff to the test during a public showing.

This is just one way the Houston County Probate Office ensures voters are having a fair and honest election.

According to Houston County Probate Judge Patrick Davenport, with only a month to prepare for the special runoff races, showing voters they can fully trust the election process in Houston County is still key for the probate office, despite the quick turnaround.

“It takes essentially all of that time for us to prepare to ensure that we are equipped and ready and tested for the election next Tuesday,” Davenport said.

According to Davenport, voter turnout in May’s Primary Election wasn’t as high as expected. In fact, he said turnout in the whole county, only reached 24%. In previous years, the average was around 30%.

“Historically, you would see, the primary runoff being even significantly less than that,” Davenport said. “It’s just really important that we as voters go out and participate in the process.”

This is the main reason why he is pushing voters to get to the polls. He adds no matter what party you are affiliated with, there is a race for all voters to participate in.

“There are a number of races that voters will be able to vote on that have a bearing at both the county and state level,” Davenport said.

Just as in the primary election in late May, a total of 38 DS200’s Voting Tabulation Machines, 28 Express Vote Machines, and 100 Polling Book Machines will all be used throughout Houston County’s 28 precincts.

Davenport tells WDHN that none of the machines have a connection to the internet just another way the county can ensure a successful election.

“We want the public to see by our integrity and by our practice that what we are doing is a fair, open, and accurate election,” Davenport said.

Judge Davenport believes the only problem in the upcoming election is voter turnout. This is why he encourages all eligible voters to go out and cast their ballot in next week’s runoff election.