DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — In exactly one week, Alabamians across the state will be heading to the polls for Alabama’s Primary Election. The election equipment and process were put to the test on Tuesday.

The DS200 Voting Tabulation Machines, which are used in Houston County and throughout Alabama, tally the results that are marked by a voter on a paper ballot. According to Houston County’s Probate Judge, Patrick Davenport, makes it more secure and gives voters more confidence in the voting process.

“The machines are appropriate and have been properly tested,” Davenport said. “When they come to an election that they participate in, they can have a reasonable expectation that this is a fair and honest election.”

The Express Vote will be used for the first time in the county, this new device allows voters to cast their ballots on a screen and is more accessible for people with disabilities.

The poll book will also be used to take voters’ identification and other information.

Throughout Houston County’s 28 precincts, there are a total of 38 DS200s, 100 poll books, and 28 Express Voting machines. All were tested on Tuesday for next week’s election.

“I think the voter can feel comfortable that there is adequate security to ensure that there is no attack on their vote integrity,” Davenport said.

He wants to make clear, that none of these devices have a connection to the internet making them even more secure.

Davenport said with many moving parts of an election, he said his team is constantly keeping an eye on any possible issues that may come up during election day and claims the integrity that already exists in the county is the main reason he believes this election cycle will go off without a hitch.

“We don’t see a problem and we don’t foresee a problem, but we are always concerned about hurricanes and power outages that might affect our ability to conduct elections,” Davenport said.

Davenport wants to give Houston County voters 100% confidence that their vote is going to be counted and encourages voters to know where they need to go to cast their ballots.