DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Tuesday night, Scott Childers was elected Dothan school board chairman against opponent Samuel tew.

Now, Dothan City Schools has a new chairman in town who has big plans for the school system.

“I’ve got all things I’ve seen that are great,” Childers said. “I’ve got things that could be better, I’ve just got a long list of things I want to explore and analyze and see what we could do. I want to make it the best system.”

He believes in such a great community. It builds the basis of a great foundation for the school system.

“To be honest, I felt led to go in this position I feel like the Lord has given me those experiences not just on the school side but on the business side and the community, and expose me to each perspective that can be taken on any educational issue,” Childers said.

With some new and old faces on the school board, he looks forward to collaborating with everyone. He’s happy this position focuses on meeting the needs of people.

“This position is not like regular politics,” Childers said. “It’s truly service.”

Now he’s busier than ever juggling this position and his own business. He’s prepared to take on the challenges of COVID-19 and more, and he looks forward to the new year.

“These kids need to be in school, they need the socialization they need the school climate the culture they need that stuff more than anything,” Childers said.