GENEVA CO., Ala. (WDHN) — Here are WDHN’s profiles on the three Republican candidates for Geneva County Sheriff.

When not on the job, Geneva County Sheriff Tony Helms presses the flesh and enjoys meeting the people.

Helms will complete his second term in office at the end of 2022. But, he’s held numerous positions
like narcotic’s officer and chief deputy with the department for the last 36 years.

Helms would like to stay as sheriff to continue to oversee the modernization of the department.

“I get to tell everybody, somebody says who do I work for? I work for the people,” Sheriff Helms said. “That’s who I work for. The people decide if they want me to keep me as sheriff and they decide if they want to keep me employed. That’s who I work for, I don’t work for the commission or anyone else. I work for the citizens of this county.”

Veteran law enforcement officer, Tim Forehand, will face his old boss in the primary. Forehand believes the people are looking for a change. He wants to set up sheriff substations across the county. He feels it would “Cut down” on the “wait time” in responding to emergencies.

“Geneva County does not have enough deputies by no means, but response times are way outside what they should be. We’re going to battle that by putting substations in the county. One in Malvern, one in Coffee Springs, and one in Fadette. That’s been a big, big thing the citizens really want”, according to Forehand.

And the third candidate in the race is Scotty Howerton. At one time, he served as a deputy for the Geneva County Sheriff’s Office. He’s currently the police chief for Slocomb.

Chief Howerton believes his energy will help bring renewed commitment to the sheriff’s office by being proactive on crime.

“With more manpower, it would cut our response time down to half if not less,” Howerton said. “A deputy is not always going to be around the corner, but if we can get him within a 20 miles radius it would be more beneficial to the citizens if needed,” according to Howerton.