DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — In one of the few wins by challengers, Russ Goodman has been elected as the next 20th circuit District Attorney.

Goodman received 59 percent of the votes during Tuesday’s primary and Pat Jones, the incumbent, taking only 41 percent.

“I can just tell you I am completely humbled by the numbers. As hard as we worked this was a team effort and to see how hard we worked and the voters listened to what we had to say. I can’t put it into words,” Goodman said following his win Tuesday night.

Standing by with friends and family, Goodman says he could not have done any of this without his support system.

“I cant thank my mom enough, my wife, everybody that was involved. It was a full team effort.”

As it stands now, Goodman will take office at the start of next year.