DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) —Several races across the state are now moving to a run-off election that will be held on June 21st.

One run-off race that has many people’s eyes is the 20th circuit court judge race.

The 20th district circuit judge seat opened up when Judge Larry Anderson decided to step down after 26 years. The race began with three candidates vying for the seat, but now that has dwindled to two candidates.

“I have been asked to fill some big shoes,” Circuit Judge candidate, Seth Brooks said. “You know those are some big shoes to fill and you think you will be able to do it, my plan is to bring my own shoes to it.”

“Why I think I am best suited to move into is that I wouldn’t need a lot of additional training or time to hopefully catch up to him,” Circuit Court candidate, Chris Richardson said.

Seth Brooks has served as a prosecutor and feels that his courtroom experience with jury trials is what gives him the upper hand in this race.

“It takes somebody who has been there having to make the tough decisions, but who also knows how to cipher through the people who the good people that make a mistake and need a helping hand versus those that are dangerous to society and do not need to be out on the street,” Brooks said.

Chris Richardson has served as a defense attorney for the past few years but feels his experience with civil and criminal cases gives him the upper hand.

“When you’re a judge, especially a circuit court judge, you hear lots of civil matters, as well as lots of criminal matters,” Richardson said. “I think my civil background, as well as having been a prosecutor and having defended some criminal cases, makes me uniquely qualified.”

Both Brooks and Richardson saw this race going to a run-off election and understand that there has been a recent spike in crime in Dothan. Both want to work to keep the community safe.

“I want to maintain this community and keep it safe,” Brooks said. “I believe in law and order I am the only candidate endorsed by law enforcement. The main part is integrity not only of myself but of the judicial process. And I am more worried about my character than my reputation.”

“You have to have the rule of law or you don’t have much else,” Richardson said. “I have two little boys growing up here in this town. Crime has absolutely spiked and I want to do my part to ensure that people who wish to do bad to children, old people, or victims, in general, are held accountable.”