COFFEE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — As the numbers were tallied for the coroner Tuesday night, it would be a nail bitter until the last precinct was tabulated.

In the end, Arnold Woodham would defeat long-time incumbent, Robert Preachers, by only 45 votes.

Woodham is a long-time paramedic with several health care certifications. He also serves as operation manager for Enterprise rescue.

Woodham says he plans to help bring comfort to the families of those who just lost loved ones.

In this era of mudslinging, Woodham thanked Preachers for a clean campaign. He believes the electorate is more receptive when candidates speak about the issues and do not degrade their opponents.

“Talked to Robert last night, that was the first thing we talked about,” Woodham. “That’s not how I was brought up or how to be treated so there was no way I was going to do anything like that. I’m thankful for what he did and what we did and that was running a clean race.”

With no democratic or independent candidates for the post, Woodham will be sworn into office in January 2023.