COFFEE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Although the Houston County Sheriff’s race was decided Tuesday night in favor of incumbent Donald Valenza with 85% of the vote, one of the most hotly contested competitions here in the Wiregrass was the Coffee County Sheriff’s race.

Enterprise small business owner and former reserve officer Scott Byrd captured 65% of the vote to defeat the four-term incumbent, Dave Sutton.

Byrd says his message of keeping the bad guys off the streets — and behind bars resonated with the voters he visited.

The sheriff-elect says he plans to be proactive when it comes to trying to prevent property and violent crimes and to hit the road running once he’s sworn into office next January.

“I want to get all the local agencies, the mayors, the chief of police, and fire chiefs, I want to get together with them,” Byrd said. “We’re all on a personal basis and work together with them in case we have a catastrophe that it all flows as best it can flow. That’s my goal.”

With no Democratic or Independent candidates, Tuesday’s Coffee County Republican primary race determined who will serve the next four years as sheriff.